This week in the Netherlands - Teen Moms

This week in the Netherlands – Teen Moms

Teen moms
THE NETHERLANDS has the lowest rate of teenage motherhood in the entire EU, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday. In total, 1,492 girls below the age of 21 gave birth in the Netherlands last year – a record low.

Breaking the rules
ABOUT ONE THIRD of the packaging used in the Netherlands is difficult to recycle and is often contaminated with PVC, even though this has been banned because of the environmental risk, according to researchers at Wageningen University.

25 years on
POLICE have arrested a man in connection with the rape and murder of a young woman 25 years ago after taking DNA samples from more than 100 men. The breakthrough in the case of 19-year-old Milica van Doorn was announced on Monday morning.

Hands up
THE LEADER of motorbike gang No Surrender has been arrested on charges of assault, blackmail, robbery with violence and forgery, the police said on Tuesday morning. Henk Kuiper, 53, was arrested at his home in Emmen in Drenthe, the police statement said.

Something suspicious
INTERPOL has been asked to investigate the death of a Dutch teenager who fell from the 20th floor of an apartment block in Kuala Lumpur last week.18-year-old Ivana Smit was naked when she fell 42 metres and onto a sixth-floor balcony of the building in the Malaysian capital.

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