Today they wring their hands

Today they wring their hands

THOSE who rang their bells now wring their hands. The hypocrisy and criminal lack of accountability of the political class is gut-wrenching. Recently, we were subjected to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson piously berating Marxist Mugabe for iniquities his hapless regime brought upon the people of Zimbabwe.

A pity mainstream forgot to show photographs of Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Archbishop of Canterbury slobbering over the Marxist dictator, who was later knighted by her maj’.

Westminster’s political troika drooled over Zimbabwe’s dreadful despot. The same can be said of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, the Labour Party, and mainstream media; their now silence is deafening. Those who at the time warned against Mugabe were pilloried by the benefit scroungers of Pigminster.

Rhodesia, until Britain’s betrayal and transfer to Robert Mugabe, was Africa’s most prosperous and benign nation. Rhodesia exported their harvests and their manufactured products. There was full employment and universal education.

It was not an apartheid system; Rhodesia’s only problem was the on-going maintenance of frontier fences to keep refugees from black ruled nations out.

Now, the deposed Mugabe has a get out of gaol card. Like his Communist mentors he will never face trial and will indeed pocket $10 million as a golden handshake. Will media investigate where this amount is coming from? I doubt it.

Déjà vu, today unfortunate sub-Saharan Africans in war-torn Libya suffer casual mass murder, anarchy, genocide, slavery, rape and organ trafficking.

Again, the political elite, who promoted their NATO war on peaceful and prosperous Libya, talk as if this has nothing to do with them.

When Libya was governed by Muammar Gaddafi a home for every citizen was considered a right. There was no tribal warfare, Libya enjoyed free education, electricity and healthcare, and business and family growth was invested in by government.

Literacy went up from 25% to 75% and Libya’s navy kept Africa’s surplus population well away from Europe’s shores. Libya like Rhodesia was an example of what Africans can be without the interference of globalists.

Similar NATO debacles in Syria, Ukraine (Donbass) Iraq, Iran and elsewhere come to mind. The corrupt political elite and their press talk as if these horrific failures were acts of God rather than the consequence of their disastrous foreign policy.

The fact that those responsible are smug in their belief that mainstream will never bring them to account is proof enough that the press is the keyboard upon which government plays.

If parliamentarians were to follow any other trade other than one in which they set their own rules many would be serving long gaol terms.

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