Top 10 place for disabled taxi access

QUOTAS: Torrevieja among the best in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona well down the list. Photo credit: Twitter

TORREVIEJA has found itself among the best of those surveyed when it comes to the numbers of adapted taxis available for people with disabilities.

According to a report from the ONCE organisation (the Spanish National Blind Charity) and CERMI (a Spanish organisation that represents people with disabilities), 135 municipalities with more than 50,000 residents across Spain were surveyed, and Torrevieja were placed in the top ten.  They have 11 adapted taxis at their disposal.  In contrast, the towns of Alcoy and Elda were found to have violated the regulations by not having a single adapted taxi among their fleets.

The official quota required for adapted vehicles – as stated in the Royal Decree 1544/2007 – is for 5 per cent of the fleet, and the study found that some 63 per cent of those Spanish municipalities surveyed failed to comply with the norm.  The Decree gave a period of 10 years to comply with the minimum quota, and that period came to an end on Monday.

In the 135 municipalities analysed, where 1,294,400 people live with mobility issues, only 50 of the 135 are above the required 5 per cent; 42 don’t reach 2 per cent of adapted taxis, and that includes Madrid and Barcelona which would need 450 vehicles each to comply with the regulations.

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