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Two arrested over €30,000 theft

A CZECH man and a Kosovan man have been arrested for stealing thousands of Euros and Rubles at Malaga Airport.

A 58-year-old Czech man and a 39-year-old Kosovan have been charged with nine thefts are taking €30,000, 30,000 Rubles and £450 from tourists waiting at the airport.

Police caught the pair as they allegedly prepared to strike again, distracting their victims while robbing them.  They are said to have used a car parked outside the airport to make their getaways.

Officers located their car with its keys hidden in the chassis and also seized five computers, three watches, two high-end mobile phones, two designer bags, jewellery and several electrical goods.

Last month, officers from the Guardia Civil seized more than 5,550 boxes of illegal tobacco at Malaga Airport.

The agents intercepted the tobacco, which was made by two different brands, across two raids on October 12 and 30, finding the haul amongst the luggage of three people preparing to fly to London.

As the luggage was being loaded onto the plane, a suitcase opened and large amounts of tobacco were found inside. Officers tracked down the suitcase’s owner, ascertaining he had checked in two other pieces of luggage and finding two other people had checked in with him.  In total, they found nine bags belonging to the passengers who were all headed to Stanstead Airport in the UK.

Around €10,000 of tobacco was found, weighing around 148 kilos in total across 2,960 packages.  The British nationals were all charged with smuggling and were forced to hand over the tobacco to customs at Malaga Airport.

Two further passengers were intercepted on October 30 carrying 5,560 boxes of tobacco headed for Rome.  Officers investigated them for smuggling and seized the tobacco.

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