Walk to school every day in Denia

Walk to school.
HEIGH HO, IT’S OFF TO SCHOOL WE GO: The School Path Network will allow children to walk or cycle to school safely and securely Photo credit Pexels

DENIA will encourage students to walk or cycle to school as part of its ‘Red de Caminos Escolares’ (School Path Network) project.

Councillors Javier Scotto and RafaCarrio presented the initiative last week, highlighting the “seriously problem of mobility in Denia and its two smaller neighbours, Jesus Pobre and La Xara.”

The councillors said children travelling to school in a car every day is leading to “health problems such as sedentary lifestyles and obesity.”

The idea of the School Path Network project is to create a network of routes to the 11 schools in the area where students can walk or cycle to school safely and securely.

It is hoped the initiative will improve children’s health, allowing them to travel independently whilst reducing the number of cars on the road, improving air quality and road safety.

As part of the project:

  • A website will be launched (caminisdenia.com)
  • Awareness campaigns will be inaugurated
  • Activities will be arranged both in the schools and on the streets

A fleet of ‘walking buses’ will also be introduced. Each walking bus has an adult ‘driver’ at the front and an adult ‘conductor’ at the rear. Students walk to school in a group along a set route picking up additional ‘passengers’ at specific ‘bus stops’ along the way.

The initiative is being rolled out to primary schools initially and secondary schools next year.

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