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What a catastro-tree

THOUSANDS of Malaga residents have been trapped in traffic for hours after branches fell on one of the city’s main roads.

High winds and heavy rainfall have felled several trees and branches between El Palo and the centre of Malaga.  Road-users spoke to one publication, sharing their experiences.

Javier Sanchez explained his wife had been forced to miss a hospital appointment after traffic accrued.  He said, “I left the balneario area at 10.10am and at 11.15am I was still stuck on paseo de los Curas.  There were thousands of cars and all the lanes were occupied.  If an ambulance had to pass it would have been impossible.”

Another driver, Jose Rodriguez, explained, “I left Pedregalejo with the children to go to the nursery. After 40 minutes without moving, I turned around,” describing the eastern part of Malaga as “absolute chaos.”

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