WhatsApp pest finally gets the message
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WhatsApp pest finally gets the message

THE Provincial Court in Alicante has sentenced a man to 15 months imprisonment for the crime of gender violence.

The Orihuela man was found to have bullied his partner to the extent of sending 469 messages via the mobile phone WhatsApp system in the space of a month.

On top of the prison sentence, the guilty man was also ordered to pay the victim – whom he have lived with for 12 years and was the father to three children with her – €1,000 in compensation.  In addition, he has been ordered not to go anywhere near the woman or communicate with here for three years.

According to the legal reports, the man “exercised an obsessive control over her which seriously disturbed her and prevented her from living a normal life.”  The WhatsApp messages from the man asked her incessantly where she was, when she was coming home and demanded her return as soon as possible.

The man had also been accused of sexual assault, abuse and other injuries for which the prosecution council had been asking for a total of 53 years in prison.  However, the court acquitted him of those charges as they were not proved during the trial.

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