When a health scan discovers and predicts diseases

When a health scan discovers and predicts diseases

Medical diagnostics has advanced tremendously in the past decades. It may not be obvious judging from what orthodox medicine has to offer to the public. The reality is that conventional medical tests and scans such as blood tests, X-rays, CT-scans and endoscopies are more or less outdated. They are invasive, risky, inaccurate and limited in the level of detail they reveal about an illness.

Another shortcoming of conventional medical diagnosis is that they only examine areas of the body related to the presenting symptom, rather than the whole body. The reality is that the entire body requires a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of an illness.

The advanced diagnostic technology of today examines the whole body in accurate detail to determine a person’s state of health. In one go, it is now possible to examine all organs and system in the body, check for the presence of viruses, bacteria and fungus, perform food allergy tests, as well as many other checks to determine the likely diseases occurring and their causes.

Such comprehensive analysis of the body is carried out by reading and analysing electromagnetic frequencies that emanate from the human body.

As far back as the 1920s, the prominent scientist Niels Bohr (Regarded as the father of quantum physics), discovered that every cell or tissue in the body generates unique and measurable frequencies. He determined that these frequencies or vibrations will change depending on the state of health of the cells and organs. Healthy cells and organs have a different frequency or vibration from diseased organs. Even more importantly, he postulated that these vibrations would change long before symptoms of diseases start to occur in the body. Since then many studies have confirmed his theory.

The leading technology in this field of advanced medical diagnostics is called Sensitiv Imago. Sensitiv Imago was first used in the 1980s as a diagnostic technology for Russian astronauts. Since then it has transformed into the most advanced medical diagnostic technology of our time. Unlike other scans such as CT-scans that emit deadly X-rays, Sensitiv Imago is completely safe, non-invasive and has an accuracy of 96%.

The computerised scan is performed in a comfortable reclining chair while information from the body is recorded with the help of a headset, an optical scanner and handheld electrodes. The scan takes 45 minutes to analyse over 180 different areas of the body and generate a detailed medical report.

The report from the scan not only shows the actual diseases present but most importantly the cause of the disease.

When the cause of a disease is determined, it becomes possible to heal the body, rather than treating symptoms which provide short term relief while the condition worsens.

MedB, a registered health clinic in Costa Blanca has used Sensitiv Imago since 2012 for advanced medical diagnostics and has provided excellent healthcare to hundreds of satisfied patients from all over the world.

To book an advanced Whole-body scan with Sensitiv Imago call MedB clinic – 965 071 745, 966 189 074. Or visit the website www.medb.es

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