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Twelve-year-old author sees first book sell out in shops

AT the age of 11, Martina D’Antiochia, a Laude San Pedro student, had her first book released and the Spanish print run has just sold out.

Now aged 12, it was arranged with her parents that she should give an exclusive print interview to RTN following their return from Argentina, where they had spent Christmas and the New Year.

A charming and tiny girl, who has just turned 12, Martina explained that she has actually been writing books from a very early age but she kept her activity to herself. It was only relatively recently that she admitted to her parents what she was doing.

This is no self-publishing venture, as she obtained a contract with a publishing company who produced La Diversión de Martina – Un desastre de Cumpleaños (Fun with Martina – A Birthday Disaster) which is a story of a birthday celebration which went wrong, but turned out fine thanks to friends.

There is an element of real life and a healthy dose of make believe in this story, but so successful has it been that in February the second book ‘Aventuras en Londres’ (Adventures in London) will be released.

Martina explained that at the moment the books (of which two more are in preparation) are only published in Spanish, but she does hope to be able to have them translated into English eventually, although the next big project is to see them published in South America.

Quite a success for a 12-year-old, but this almost pales into insignificance when she reveals that her YouTube Channel now has 1.6 million subscribers and her latest video has been viewed by more than 500,000 people.

When asked how this phenomenal success came about, the young lady smiled and said that because she had a homework project on social media she had to view a number of YouTube videos and decided that she could have fun doing a video herself.

With the permission of her parents, she recorded and uploaded her first video, which school friends liked and shared through Instagram and Twitter, which led to her incredible following.

Speaking of school, when asked whether this success had set her apart from her peers, or if there was any bullying because of her achievements, Martina was very clear that this was far from the case.

They are almost as excited as she is about her achievements and sometimes give her ideas for her shows and love it when she invites them to appear with her.

Even at this young age, she feels that this is a dream come true, but she has now set her heart on becoming an actor once she leaves school, although she has also become involved in recording a song for charity.

Shyly, Martina explains that she doesn’t really enjoy singing or have a particularly good voice, but when other Spanish YouTubers asked her to become involved in recording a song for charity, she really couldn’t say no.

Having achieved so much so quickly, Martina is a very grounded young lady who still loves to watch the Disney Channel, chooses Ariana Grande as her favourite singer and she loves meat Paella.

Although her parents were present during the interview at Laude School (which has been very supportive of their talented pupil), they didn’t prompt her and indeed she didn’t need any prompting as she had a ready response to every question.

It was interesting to learn that the school offers both English and Spanish curriculums and that Martina had chosen the Spanish path, although when asked if she thinks in English or Spanish, she admits to being mentally multilingual.

To find out more about this talented school girl visit La Diversión de Martina on YouTube.

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