Another super hotel will be built on Calpe beach

Another super hotel will be built on Calpe beach
HERE’S ONE I MADE EARLIER: What the hotel is planned to look like Photo credit AR Hotels & Resorts

A NEW €35 million four-star hotel will be built in Calpe on La Fossa beach.

AR Hotels & Resorts’ new hotel will be split across two 30-floor towers and will boast 606 rooms, 14 of which will be suites.

There will be 14 convention rooms with capacity for 2,500 delegates, together with a wellness centre of more than 2,000 square meters and pool and garden areas of more than 7,000 square metres.

The hotel will take three years to build, during which time AR Hotels & Resorts has said the project will create jobs for more than 2,000 people.

Once the hotel is built, the company has said it will employ more than 1,000 people.

AR Hotels & Resorts manages 5 hotels and 17 apartment complexes, with more than 6,000 rooms.

The company has won awards such as the World Travel Awards and World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Many international cycling teams spend the winter at AR Hotels & Resorts’ Diamante Beach Spa Hotel in Calpe to train for the Tour de France in July.

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  1. I thought Spain had learned from the 70’s and not to ruin their most prized asset with concrete walls.
    I have booked my 5th time villa holliday in Calpe. Last time I was shocked to see they were putting flats almost on the beach, right in front of existing appartment buildings. I already doubted if I would come back, now I know this year will be the last time Calp for us.
    The view to the sea is blocked for all villas and existing appartments and everyting up to the boulevard; existing real estate values must be dropping extremely.
    Las Salinas is encircled with buildings ever more and the Spanish dedain for the environment and nature showsagain, but it will bite them in the behind….


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