Back where it all began
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Back where it all began

La Nucia’s Auditori de la Mediterrania played host to Spanish artist Natasha Dubalia as she presented her first poetry book.

Natasha, who was born and raised in La Nucia and moved to the UK five years ago, walked the audience through the thought process behind ‘Palm trees and rain’.

Palm trees and rain is a collection of thoughts, poetry and prose, where each of the chapters conveys an emotion –

Summer is goosebumps
Autumn is falling in love
Winter is pain and
Spring is growing

Natasha described the book as an “explosion of vulnerability”, combining verbal and non-verbal expression. The verbal through writing, with poems accompanied by illustrations by Celia Lloret and the non-verbalthrough contemporary dance.

At the end of each chapter there is a QR code, which when scanned will take the reader directly to a dance video, where Natasha reflects “what sometimes the words are not able to convey; that important element that is the corporal expression when communicating. ”

Palm trees and rain is written in English and is available on Amazon.

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