Eight rescued from balcony after building blaze

Balcony rescue needed for fire victims

EIGHT people have been rescued from a fire in Cartagena.

The blaze broke out in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the building in Plaza de San Francisco that is understood to be occupied by migrants.  The fire caused major damage to the third and fourth floors, especially to the large amounts of wood in the structure.

When the firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Service of Cartagena (SEIS) arrived at the scene, they were greeted with a number of people on the fourth floor of the block shouting for help as they were trapped.   Officers quickly put the automatic ladder into operation to take them to safety while another unit began to extinguish the blaze inside the building.

In total, eight people were rescued with one of them suffering from serious burns which, after some initial treatment from the paramedics, were taken off to hospital.

Once the fire had been brought under control, the fire brigade began evacuating the entire building little by little to avoid the possibility of anyone suffering from the effects of smoke or from any potential collapse of the most badly affected parts of the block.

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