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Beach access improvements almost complete

WORK has already been started on a building programme authorised by the Orihuela council to repair a number of beaches and coastal walkways.

A total of €240,000 has been budgeted to make good the results of a number of landslides that have caused access problems to many areas.

After getting full authorisation from central government – who will be paying for the work – the latest building began last week at Playa Aguamarina.

The plans consist of cleaning up the ramp, building a wall to stop the never-ending coastal and weather erosion, and erecting mesh on both sides of that wall to collect any stones before rolling on to the adjoining beach.

These works should be finished within the next fortnight and will account for €52,713 of the budget.

Now they’re almost finished, it completes the full stretch along the Cabo Roig cliffs that cost €187,000 which needed the Cala Capitán walkway to be closed for more than three years.

Luisa Boné, councillor for the beaches, said that “as the technical services became aware of the existence of new landslides, a contract was raised to repair the stretch of the slope that had eroded and that posed a risk both to those who travelled along the promenade and to those who travelled along the beach.”

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