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Benidorm bars face fines over ‘illegal’ street party

LOCAL Police in Benidorm have warned a number of bars after they held illegal parties over the Christmas period.

The cases have been sent to the relevant authorities in Valencia who will decide if fines – potentially up to €10,000 – will now be imposed on the establishments who were reportedly selling food and drink in the streets without having the necessary permissions.

One Benidorm pub and three other bars – that haven’t been named – have been reported for organising the public events in the streets on Christmas Eve during the early afternoon which contravenes the law.

Local Spanish press is reporting that the Benidorm City Council has been attempting for several years to control the increasingly widespread practice that encourages many thousands of people to attend street parties to celebrate Christmas Eve.

In spite of an increase in the frequency of police inspections, they discovered a handful of places had indeed installed staging, loudspeakers, and tents with tables and chairs all without authorisation.

Police ordered the offending bars to remove everything from the streets and to hold their parties inside instead. Police reports said three bars respected the requests but one ignored the instruction and they have been reported accordingly.

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