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Brits send 10,296 texts a year – to people in the SAME house

BRITS send a staggering 10,296 texts and messages a year – to people in the SAME house, with “can you bring me a cup of tea?”, “I love you” – and “do you fancy sex tonight?” emerging as some of the top texts sent to partner’s only METRES away.

New research by has revealed the extent to which we are using text, WhatsApp and snap chat as a primary communication tool within the home – with many of us even chatting away for hours to family members in the SAME ROOM.

The research suggests we also send a staggering 96 picture messages and up to 100 emojis each month to people within the same house.

According to the poll, mums are the biggest culprits for text communication in the home, firing off regular demands such as ‘Lights off’, ‘Turn the TV down’ and simply ‘BED!’ among the top messages sent from mothers to kids.

According to the poll, more than four in ten of those polled said they have full on conversations with people in the same house via a gadget rather than talking to them face to face.

A quarter of those polled said they communicate through their iPhone out of sheer laziness, while three in ten said it’s simply the quickest way to get a response.

16 per cent of the 2,000 families polled said firing off a message is the only way their kids will listen to them and if they have the conversation in person it will end up as an argument.

One in four said they tend to communicate via text or message as it was just a fun and playful thing to do.

Other common messages that get bandied around British homes were ‘Turn the heating up’, ‘Where is the remote control?’ and ‘That’s it, I’m going without you.’

But a hopeful seven per cent of the couples polled send ‘Do you fancy sex tonight?’ and a more practical thinking one in ten often ping a message to their other half saying ‘Can you put a wash on?’

Vix Leyton, consumer expert, says: “With mobile phones now a semi-permanent extension of ourselves, it is unsurprising to see that people are even resorting to texting each other in the same room.

“Whether out of laziness, to broach a sensitive subject that you can’t quite articulate, or just seeing if a headache is on the cards this evening, texting within the home is clearly on the rise.

“Technology means we have never been more connected, even when we are only physically in the next room.”

The most common emoji to send to those living in the same house was a smiley face, followed by a laughing face and a heart.

One in ten said the most common emoji they send is the poo and 14 per cent like to send a simple coffee cup to their nearest and dearest when they are feeling parched.

One in twenty Brits said they send a picture of a pig snout more than any other emoji to their family.


1. I love you
2. Dinner is ready
3. Can you bring me a cup of tea?
4. Can you turn the TV down?
5. What is for dinner?
6. Night night
7. Turn the heating up
8. Are you coming to bed?
9. Are you ready yet?
10. I’m tired – going to sleep now
11. I’m sorry
12. Is dinner ready?
13. Please turn down your music
14. I don’t feel very well
15. Can you put a wash on?
16. BED!
17. Can you make me a sandwich?
18. Tidy your room!
19. There is someone at the door
20. Do you fancy sex tonight?
21. Where is the remote control?
22. What is that noise outside?
23. Have you done your homework?
24. Do you fancy a cuddle?
25. When are your friends leaving?
26. It’s bedtime, lights off
27. Can I have a lift?
28. Can I have a kiss?
29. That’s it – I’m going without you
30. It wasn’t my fault
32. Shall we get an early night?
33. I hate you
34. Can you move your car?
35. Can we make friends?

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