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Bus ticket prices remain unchanged in Malaga City

IF you travel by bus in the area of Malaga City then you will be pleased to learn that the price of a ride will remain the same since 2013.

So for six consecutive years, the ordinary ticket has remained at €1.30 which makes Malaga City one of the cheapest major conurbations in Spain for bus travel.

The council which controls pricing has found that it can afford to maintain this rate, despite the fact that it has purchased 46 new buses, eleven of them Electric-Hybrids and has invested €16 million in the service during 2017.

The special 10 journey ticket remains at €8.30 which compares to €18.30 for the equivalent ticket in Madrid whilst students and those who meet certain criteria including pensioners will be able to obtain monthly tickets for just €27.

Parents are also able to obtain an annual ticket for children under the age of 12 which for €290 will allow unlimited travel for a whole year.

The council is particularly pleased that not only is it able to retain the prices for travel but is steadily increasing the comfort of passengers as it expands the fleet of buses which are increasingly more environmentally friendly.

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