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Charity gets new premises on the Costa del Sol

THE ADINTRE foundation, widely lauded for its humanitarian work in Andalucia, has moved to new headquarters with the approval of Fuengirola council.

Mayor Ana Mula was joined by Councillor for Social Services Francisco Jose Martin in a visit to the facilities, which make up 280 square metres.

The premises are next to the Juan Gomez pavilion, and the vision is to create a centre where people the most vulnerable in society can receive food, clothing, have a wash and even participate in training workshops.

Mayor Mula commented: “The truth is that the venue is magnificent, thanks to the efforts of Joyce Gyimah, its President, and a series of people who work selflessly. There are charities that are there to reach where administrations cannot reach, not because we do not want to, but because they are matters outside our competencies.”

Ms Gyimah said: “We will be in the centre from Monday to Friday providing home-made food. We have already installed four showers, will offer clothes, and there will be both a social worker and a psychologist who will come once a week.

“We have spent almost €100,000 thanks to public donations. Those who have not had money have come to volunteer.”

The ADINTRE Foundation is a self-financing, non-profit organisation focused on the care of the most disadvantaged people on the Costa del Sol.

It has been running for more than 10 years and supports the homeless, victims of domestic violence, children at risk of social exclusion, and victims of eviction among others.

The venue is due to open at the end of February.

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