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Costa Blanca council pushes for faster fibre optic service

THE MUNICIPALITY of Teulada-Moraira is pushing for the installation of fibre optic, hoping to get it all up and working during the second part of this year.

Councillor Raúl Dalmau said that the process to get the fibre optic cable installed as quickly as possible are in the final stages.

According to the councillor, the municipality is not the first one to get fibre optics because a project that included state-of-the-art technology had to be established first, and a system of underground cables had to be laid.

By doing so, and spending time on this study, the municipality were able to install the modern technology but make sure it was hidden away.

Fibre optic cables are made from glass fibre, delivering high speed internet and with it a more stable, safe and reliable connection.

Those with digital TV will also experience much better reception. The council of Teulada-Moraira will also profit from the introduction of this ultra-modern technology as it will now be possible to install both security and traffic cameras at strategic points.

It will also improve WiFi reception in public areas. Councillor Dalmau also pointed out that the installation of the fibre optic cable will make local businesses more competitive and will improve internet navigation for all citizens by improving download and upload speeds.

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