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Costa Blanca town is fast becoming a tourist hotspot

ALFAZ DEL PI is fast becoming even more of a tourist hotspot as visitors lap up its rich culture and heritage.

In 2017, more than 53,000 people visited the Faro de l’Albir centre and the Villa Romana Open Air Museum.

The Faro de l’Albir centre opened to the public in October 2011 and it currently hosts photographic exhibitions that reflect what life was like for the old tower keepers when the lighthouse was inhabited and also demonstrates the importance of the flora and fauna of the region.

The Villa Romana Open Air Museum opened to the public in March 2011 and allows visitors to virtually view all the thermal baths via an iPad app that shows the site’s original architecture. A further 131,352 visits were recorded on the route through the Serra Gelada natural park up to the lighthouse.

Alfaz del Pi’s Councillor of Culture and Heritage Mayte Garcia believes this figure to in reality be much higher: “By not having an automated control system, the records of visitors on the route through the natural park are made only whilst the information point is being staffed, so the actual number of visitors is much higher.”

In 2017, the natural park received 42,897 visit, with the months of March (4,330), April (7,143), October (4,958) and November (4,677) registering the highest activity.

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