Council announces dedicated family meeting point

CONTACT: Councillor Sabina Galindo at the launch of the PEF initiative Photo credit: Twitter

ORIHUELA Councillor Sabina Galindo has announced that the municipality will finally have their own ‘family meeting point’.

The initiative follows approval given by the provincial department of equality in Alicante following a petition made by the Orihuela council, and will enable families to meet a little closer to where they live.  Currently, those affected need to travel to either Torrevieja or Elche for the nearest meeting points to Orihuela.

These ‘family meeting points’ – known in Spanish as Punto de Encuentro Familiar (PEF) – offer a neutral space in which to carry out visits between parents and children in cases where they don’t live with one or both parents following separations, divorces or child protection orders.   The PEF promotes the conditions for the rebuilding of relationships between the child and the parents when it may be most needed.

The PEF are run and organised by a specialised team that provides children with their right to meet and interact with both parents and other relatives.  They also ensure the safety and welfare of the children involved and has trained legal, educational and psychological experts on hand when required.

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