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Cutting holiday costs? Find free checked petsitters online

CUT out the cost of pet care by finding free petsitters.

It is true! You can cut your holiday costs by eliminating the costs of petcare completely! Join a housesitting network like and you can meet suitable checked petsitters and housesitters securely online.

If like many pet owners you find yourself completely shocked at the end of a holiday when you realise the full extent of the pet care costs in addition to the cost of your trip, you might find it worth your while to check out this website address:

What is

HouseSitMatch is a housesitting and petsitting network that allows you to meet suitable sitters who are interested in collaborating by offering home and pet care in exchange for free accommodation. It’s part of ‘the sharing economy’.

Are the free petsitters and housesitters checked?

Yes they are!

HouseSitMatch is a safe alternative to paying house and petsitters, that enables you to meet sitters with police and background checks already in place, so you can go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that an experienced person you have chosen is looking after everything at home while you are away.

Are there any costs?

There is a small membership fee starting as low as £35 per year for standard membership. By joining this housesitting network you can secure access to checked free petsitters all year round.

For £75 per year, the price of a premium membership, you can have the personal assistance of the director of the firm to find suitable sitters for your particular situation.  This is still significantly cheaper than paying house and petsitters for several weeks a year.

Who are the petsitters and why will they want to housesit for free?

Most of the petsitters who join HouseSitMatch are looking to spend time in a new location and to exchange their experience for free accommodation while they discover a new location. Many of the petsitters are retired professionals wanting to travel on a fixed income. For them, your petsitting assignment is a working holiday.

Client testimonial – Katie, Pet owner

“The process for arranging a house/pet sit on HouseSitMatch is very transparent, with lots on support on their website. The CEO – Lamia, also has a very personal approach and was available to contact directly throughout. Highly recommend.”

Do you need a house or petsitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation!

Register as either housesitter or homeowner now with a 20% off introductory offer using coupon code PERFECT20.

To find a house pet-sitter go to

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