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Desperate dog eats dead owner

A 93-YEAR-OLD woman who died in her Marbella home was eaten by her dog.
The pensioner had been dead for about 10 days when police found her in her city centre apartment on Paseo Maritimo.

There was rubbish strewn all over the home and the body of the woman lay in the middle of the floor, with half of her leg having been eaten by her Maltese Bichon.

The tiny dog was hiding behind the sofa “as if he were ashamed”, officers told the Spanish press.

The deceased is reported to have been crushed to death when her bookshelf fell on her.

There was no dog food either inside or outside the house and the dog switched to survival mode to stay alive.

The dog is now resident at the municipal kennel awaiting adoption, which it is feared may never happen once people know his story.

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