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Dog fouling still a mess

THE amount of people fined for allowing their dogs to foul the public highways in Elche has increased significantly over the past 12 months.

During 2016, only 60 fines were issued for such infringements…this increased to over 600 during the past year and the Elche City Council is now going to redouble its efforts to crackdown on the issue.

One of the first new initiatives is to launch a new company to combat the excessive urination of dogs by distributing special bottles.

The Department of Cleaning will launch a new company to combat urination with the distribution of bottles, as well as increasing the amount of surveillance of the problem.  Dog fouling in public, which is against the law, has been one of the most registered complaints in the municipality and the councillor responsible for cleaning in Elche, Héctor Díez, has indicated that there will be extra pressures on the offenders and more awareness campaigns.

Current fines for allowing dogs to defecate on the street are €120 which can be reduced by 30 per cent for prompt payment.  However, that fine could be subject to an extra 20 per cent if the dog owner is a repeat offender.

Fines can also be issued to people who also allow their dogs to urinate on the pavements if the owners don’t wash it away afterwards, and to this end it’s encouraged that dogs should be made to use the roadways if necessary.

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