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Domestic violence report leads to drug haul in El Campello

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested a 31-year-old man in El Campello for gender violence and drug cultivation.

The officers went to the property to follow up a report they had of a possible crime of domestic violence, and when they arrived at the scene they not only ended up arresting the man but found a stash of marijuana plants inside.

Officers were let in to the house by the woman where they were met with a couple arguing and quarreling that involved a number of insults aimed at the woman.

She immediately filed a complaint against the man and he was arrested at once.

However, as soon as the Guardia Civil entered they almost immediately stumbled across a marijuana plantation found cordoned off by a plastic sheet in one of the rooms.

They discovered a total of 37 plants, a large supply of seeds, a number of products to help the plants grow, and a hastily put-together lighting and ventilation system.

The man detained is a 31-year-old Frenchman who has already appeared in court on the charges and has been released pending trial.

A restraining order has also been filed against the victim to prevent him visiting his young baby.


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