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Drug and drunk drivers to pay a bigger price

DRIVERS who test positive following drink and drugs tests in Altea will be handed out bigger fines.

The City Council has unanimously approved a new by-law to collect €230 for a drug test and €200 for alcohol that are carried out at the Hospital La Vila Joiosa if the tests are requested by the driver under suspicion.

If the test is negative, the amount paid will be returned. These tests are in addition to the initial checks undertaken by the local police.

Altea’s councillor for security, Vicent Ripoll explained that the local police are presently carrying out a series of roadside controls aimed at preventing alcohol and drug use. He said that if any driver tests positive, they are welcome to ask for a further test to take place in a hospital…but there will in future be a charge.

If this was the case, then the police would have to immediately take the person concerned to the hospital in La Vila Joiosa to enable the blood test to be taken there.

Councillor Ripoll said that the charges have been based on the valuation of the costs to the municipality should such tests be carried out and they are left to pick up the bill.

He did, however, go on to explain that so far no driver has requested any extra medical tests after being tested positive for drugs or alcohol, but the charges have been implemented as a preventative measure and deterrent.

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