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Drunk driver reported false car theft to escape arrest in Elche

NATIONAL POLICE officers in Elche have arrested a man after trying to hide the fact he’d crashed into a parked car when drunk.

According to reports, the detained man made a series of allegations to the police which, after investigation, were found to be totally false.

The 35-year-old man had contacted the police to say that he’d been the victim of a robbery at knife-point by a friend of a girl he’d met on a dating website.

He told police that the robber was a drug dealer who had visited him to buy cocaine and during an argument he had a knife placed against his stomach.

As a result of these threats, the man stole some jewellery and the arrested man’s car keys. At the time of the ‘crime’ being reported, police were receiving calls of an earlier incident that involved a car that had crashed into a parked car in the city, totally destroying it.

The scenario raised the suspicion of the Guardia Civil and they quickly investigated the incident, firstly by seeking potential witnesses.

It was eventually discovered, thanks to one of the witnesses, that the alleged victim of the armed robbery was actually driving the car that crashed into the parked vehicle.

After the impact, he was seen to run away from the scene and showed every sign of being drunk.It was at this point that he called the police to ‘report the attack’ on him.

Following this case, police have issued a warning to everyone to tell the truth at all times, otherwise they could be liable for a maximum of a 12 month prison sentence.

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