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Elderly mother ‘forced to beg’ in Costa Blanca by her son

AN 80-year-old woman has allegedly been forced out on the streets to beg by her son.

Reports indicate that he used to drop his elderly mother off in the morning and he picked her up by car at the end of the day before returning to their home in Orihuela.

The woman was first discovered begging on the Avenida de La Libertad in the city by members of the SEMAS emergency and social care service on December 23 and 24, but the case has only just been placed into the public domain.

The local police were called to the scene and tried to identify the woman who refused to provide her name and address.

Faced with this impasse, they contacted the National Police and with their collaboration managed to finally discover who the woman was via her fingerprints.

Once established that the woman came from Orihuela, the social services department became involved in the case and, according to Councillor Conchita Ruiz, the woman was allegedly forced by her son to go out begging.

The next stage of the investigation will depend on the report made by the Orihuela City Council to the judicial authorities, which will detail the woman’s current situation and relationship with her son and to discover whether or not he did force her into the street begging.

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