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Employment ‘crisis’ for the over 50s

THE MUNICIPALITIES of Elche, Torrevieja and Orihuela contain some the highest unemployment numbers for the over 50 age groups. 

In what is being described as “the 50 crisis” by trade unions and other workers organisations, for municipalities in the Alicante province that have more than 45,000 inhabitants the greatest number of registered unemployed people in four of them are between the 50 and 59 age group; one of them being Elche.

For Torrevieja, the highest number of unemployed is in the band between 45 and 49 years old, and in Orihuela it’s between 50 and 55 according to data supplied by the

Public Employment Service (SEPE).

In most of the main cities in the provinces, the number of unemployed workers aged 49 and over accounts for just over 50 per cent of their totals.  To be unemployed during that period of their working life is complicated as those final years in normal employment is when future pension calculations are made.

According to the statistics, 3,842 people out of 25,382 unemployed in Alicante city were between 55 and 59-years-old, and 56 per cent of the total was over 49-years-old.  In Orihuela, 772 people between 50 and 54-years-old are registered as being without work – from a total of 5,215 – and in Torrevieja 1,228 out of a total of 8,229 are between 45 and 49-years old.

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