Estepona drug den bust
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Estepona drug den bust

THE NATIONAL POLICE have arrested four people, two men and two women aged 42 – 79 for crimes against public health (drug trafficking) as they were found to be selling drugs from their home in Estepona.

Operation ‘Gesta’ began in September when officers detected the address as a possible point of sale of drugs.
After installing a surveillance device, they soon realised that the address in question was indeed a very active point of sale, with a continuous flow of customers arriving at the property every day.

Once sufficient evidence had been obtained, officers raided the property the day before Christmas Eve.
A total of 720 grams of hashish, 177.8 grams of marijuana, 0.5 grams of heroin and 62 wraps of cocaine were found ready for sale and consumption, along with 29 methadone tablets.

Officers seized tools to manipulate and prepare the drugs for sale – wires, plastic bags and nine precision scales along with €201 euros in cash, eight weapons, one shotgun and 22 cartridges, two simulated pistols, 16 smartphones, six tablets, four televisions, four laptops and other objects.
The drug den was run by a 42-year-old man together with his elderly parents and a lady friend.

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