Fibre optic broadband on its way to Costa del Sol town

PIPING UP: San Roque residents will soon be benefiting from high speed broadband ©Wikimedia

FIBRE optic broadband has begun to be deployed by Avatel Telecom in San Roque, with the target of reaching 5,000 homes this year.

This is the result of the commitment made by the Council to deliver a better service for residents, and €1 million has been invested.

Packages offered by Avatel also include fixed and flexible telephone and television services.

Councillor for New Technologies, David Ramos, has overseen the roll out and explained: “We understood that the current network was outdated, and that speeds in the area are very low.

“However, the so-called ‘Internet of things’ is increasingly part of our lives and so we contacted several communications companies, including Avatel Telecom.

“This company is going to make a big investment in San Roque so that residents can receive a minimum of 100 MB at a very affordable price.”

Ramos also said that he hoped that fibre optic can be extended to all neighbourhoods in the locality in the near future.

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