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UK expats could account for population falls on Costa Blanca

ACCORDING to figures from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), the population of Orihuela has seen their lowest numbers for 10 years.

The municipality ended 2017 with less than 80,000 officially registered residents, which were 4,000 down on the same time last year.  Such a significant decrease can have an impact on the amount of money received from central government as they give an annual per capita grant based on the padrón numbers.

Once adjustments have been made after a programme of cross-referencing data, it’s estimated that the final figure will be 78,000 and thus the lowest population in Orihuela since 2006,

The INE first warned Orihuela of the steady decrease in population back in 2014 when a significant 8,000 people disappeared from the padrón.  The overwhelming majority of these were previously living on the Orihuela Costa and a very popular area for UK citizens.  It’s understood that 1,500 British have left that area alone… and that’s only the official figure.

Similar scenarios exist in other local municipalities in the Alicante province where there is a large population of foreign, mainly British, residents that either don’t register on the padrón for whatever reason or, if they leave the country, don’t remove themselves from the official listings.

As from now, there should be more accurate numbers of people registered on the padrón as the INE have adopted better communication between themselves and the municipalities.

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