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Free Wi-Fi for tourist hotspot this summer

TOURISTS using Benidorm’s beaches will receive free Wi-Fi from this Easter.

The initiative was announced by the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, who confirmed that all three beaches will have their own free Wi-Fi network that can be accessed by anyone to surf the internet and use the multitude of social networks.

The project will be run jointly by the Benidorm council and private company Wiongo and the collaboration was announced at the recent FITUR International Tourism Fair in Madrid.

Wiongo will be responsible for the setting-up and management of the free Wi-Fiwhich will operate via 30 devices installed in a number of different items of ‘street furniture’ such as street lights and traffic signals.

Mayor Pérez has clarified that the new service is a “zero cost” for the Benidorm council and only involves them in giving access to the electricity supply to install their equipment.

In addition to improving the services available to the locals and tourists that use the beaches – free Wi-Fi is increasingly seen as something that increases competitiveness of a resort – the network will also allow Benidorm to have access to real-time information as to the behaviour of tourists.

This will enable them to plan for future tourism policy and improve even further the ‘Benidorm experience’. It’s understood that the Wi-Fi network will be up and running for Easter and at full capacity for the busy summer season.

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