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Growing concerns over Xabia pine forests

THERE is a great deal of worry among residents of Balcón al Mar de Xàbia that their pine forests are being threatened.

They say that the needles on the tops of the affected trees have turned brown and insist that something out of the ordinary must be responsible, seeing as the new shoots are green and normal.

“If no measures are taken, I’m afraid that we’ll lose most of the pine trees of the Cabo de la Nao, which are among the greatest attractions in this area,” said one of the locals who didn’t wish to be identified.

Locals have warned that a least 20 trees appear to be affected by some kind of infestation that, for the time being at least, is unknown although suspected to be due to either insects or a kind of fungus.

The affected trees are found in the forests on the Cap Negre, next to the Restaurant Casa Pepe, the green area close to the junction at Calle Eduard Grieg and Claude Debussy, and where Calle Joseph Haydn and Giacomo Puccini meet.

Representatives of the residents have contacted the Javea City Council by e-mail to bring the potential problem to their notice in the hope that the cause of the brown pine needles can be identified and controlled before it goes too far.

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