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Guided Costa Blanca fishing tours aim to reel in the visitors

A COMPANY is looking at exploiting the local Torrevieja fishing industry as a potential source of tourism income.

The guided tours will begin in the Spring and the initiative will look to show visitors how the fish is caught and auctioned, how the fisherman live, who prepares the nets and ultimately their day-to-day work at sea.

There will also be talks on the history and traditions of the local fishing industry.

The tours have the backing of and the collaboration with the Torrevieja Fishermen’s Association and the municipality that will actively promote the new activity.

The company that are hoping to run these informative tours – which has not been named – is presently finalising the agreement but is nevertheless already working with the local fishing community to assess their involvement in the project.

The objective is to be able to show visitors the three types of fishing that are carried out by the boats that use the Torrevieja port – especially the trawlers – and they will explain how they work, what type of fish they catch…and who knows, people might even get to taste the products once caught.

Although everything needs to be rubber stamped, it’s being suggested that there could be two tourist experiences.

The first would be to actually spend the day on one of the fishing boats with the crew; the other would be to get aboard a pleasure boat and watch the sea fishing as it happens.

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