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Horoscopes – 5 January 2018

If It’s Your Birthday This Week: See the New Year in context of where you were and now where you are. The journey for you can be complex, but you like it that way; and you can accept challenge with open arms. Reward seems long overdue, but don’t give up on a good year!

Aries: You are very unsure what part you have to play in a situation that could be veering out of control. In hindsight you would never have got involved in the first place; but since you are then you have to see things through. Make sure that your own true feelings are known by those who are relying on your discretion.

Taurus: Let others take centre stage this week as the Moon resides in Scorpio and you have a hidden agenda to follow. Give into the whims of others, if you have to, but know that some kind of reward is coming your way very soon. Seeing something from another distant angle brings you to your senses, yes, you were right all along!

Gemini: Someone has been there in the corner of your eye, sending you a message of love; so have fun getting together and let things happen. The current silence gets you nowhere. You are starting off a new year as you wish it to continue, and this year is a time for your inner you to shine through and bring you all that your heart desires!

Cancer: Take time away from domestic issues, but do not bury your head in the sand because it takes two to tango! You are impetuous and wanting to bring about changes, but do you really know what this is really about? You should know what you do, but do you? Compromise is not an option, nor is it an excuse.

Leo: Listen to your heart and you cannot go wrong. Saturn will keep you grounded and balanced right now in work or in domestic duties. You enjoy your routines but let things happen this week as a welcome change to the daily tasks occupies your time, and opens you up to do what it is you really want to do right now.

Virgo: This is a great time for planning some short term projects as you are finally getting your act together. Your creativity nurtures others who will, in turn, be influenced and inspired by your achievements. The Uranus direct brings timbre to your every success, so let it all happen, it’s finally the start of something both new and exciting.

Libra: The Venus conjunction with Pluto brings you a blessing in disguise. It seems that something has to go wrong to let you know your options right now. Sometimes it is how you put things right that really show you best where you are and what you are standing up for. All will be well, love will triumph over conflict!

Scorpio: Mars sextiles Pluto and this is the strength that you need to make that final push. Your recent decision was a risk that you took, and this week you will be very relieved to see what an impact it has made. At the start of a New Year know that all this could be just a drop in the ocean compared with what good is about to come.

Sagittarius: As the Sun sextiles Mars, you may think that this is a same old start to yet another year. Sure this January things will drag, but this week is the time to sow the seed, and out there in the future you will reap reward. Don’t stay silent when you know things have to be said. Mars inspires and protects all aspects of love.

Capricorn: Transparency is the only way. You cannot live a lie and why should you? This week is thwart with changes to schedules and petty irritating matters of little concern. You may feel as if you are being tested, but all will be revealed to you soon. Everything is building you the strongest defence if you just let things lie. Be patient

Aquarius: The Mercury trine with Uranus sees you finally spilling the beans. You have been keeping yourself to yourself and for absolutely no reason. What has to be said, has to be said and this week just see what a difference reveal makes to your situation. Let those who support you do their job, they know the truth!

Pisces: Accept that you are ascending in your inert spiritual wisdom. This is working with your inner self to channel energies into a new way of operating. Far from being change for changes sake, this is a way to see your talents respected and your beliefs accepted as you have to move on up and take on what now comes your way!


Why are horoscopes always different in every paper? Surely they should all be the same?

Marcus K.


Well, Marcus, it would be very boring if we all thought alike. Within the constancy and consistency of the Cosmos, an astrologer picks up on aspects and works within their own concepts to predict, as indeed I do. Because our Science is governed by astrological bodies and their transits, so we can, and do, each of us, home into aspects we wish to focus on. My weekly casting is my interpretation of events that are poignant to my readers each and every week. Many newspapers now select horoscopes issued by computers. The RTN brings you, weekly, a live casting especially for the Costa Blanca, and that makes such a difference! www.kennycorris.net  kennycorris@hotmail.com

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