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If I die before I wake – By Emily Kock

HOW do you solve your own murder?

Imagine being trapped inside your own mind, you can’t move any part of your body, you can see but only every now and then; and then that’s only blurry images. The only thing that is working properly is your hearing and you are forced to listen while others decide whether you have a future or not.

Everyone believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, and his friends talk about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on, he can only listen.

But Alex soon begins to suspect that the accident that put him here wasn’t really an accident. Even worse, the perpetrator is still out there and Alex is not the only one in danger.

As he goes over a series of clues from his past, Alex must use his remaining senses to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him, and try to protect those he loves, before they decide to let him go.

A stunning edge-of-your-seat debut novel with an unforgettable narrator.

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