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Jean-Claude Van Damme supports Costa Blanca movie project

HOLLYWOOD actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has given his backing to a crowdfunding campaign to enable a film shot in Poble Nou de Benitatxell to be finished.

Star of films such as Timecopand Universal Soldier is encouraging locals to take part in the scheme launched by filmmaker Paco Soto for his latest work Rural Copswhich has been shot in the municipality.

Much of the film has already been completed but there is a lack of funds to finish the project. “Anyone can be a sponsor of the film starting from just €5,” said Paco Soto.

“But having the support of an actor of the stature of Jean-Claude Van Damme is absolutely priceless.”

Filming of Rural Cops began in Poble Nou de Benitatxell back in September 2017 and involved more than 200 local residents as extras in the movie.

It features more than a dozen Spanish actors that include Ramón Langa, Pablo Pinedo, Javier Bódalo, Emilio Gavira, Lola Moltó and Fele Pastor.

The film is seen as an excellent opportunity to promote the beauty and the tourist potential of Poble Nou de Benitatxell. La Cala del Moraig, el Puig Llorença, la urbanización Cumbre del Sol, la iglesia de Santa María Magdalena and some of the rural areas such as les Fonts, Lluca and Benicambra were used in many of the film’s scenes.

When the film is released, Benitatxell will be known as the fictional town of Torretatxell.

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