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Less hassle, and more holiday savings!

AS many expatriates in Spain begin to look at summer visitor schedules there are bargains to be grabbed with a little research and flexibility.

If limited home space is an issue to welcome friends and family – or if tired of coping with a never-ending trail of UK-based visitors anxious to grab some sun – then get them to consider staying in a nearby hotel, or rented property.

This provides you ongoing freedom of your own home space, though they can still visit for meals and trips out even though not staying.

So a win-win situation, for the opportunity for some quality periods together to make their holiday extra special remains without the hassle at times identified with home-staying visitors.

Luxury hotels to more basic local hostels have wide-ranging guest rates, while private properties – from apartments to villas with pools – also offer freedom and a great alternative for visiting friends and family, especially for those with children.
The “shoulder season” between high and low season when the weather is still good, the crowds have thinned, tourist attractions and amenities are still open, but travel and accommodation prices have dropped, offers instant better bargains.
According to travel analysts at the top savings tips for those planning a Spanish summer holiday in 2018 include:

Avoid travelling in the school holidays. If this is not possible savings of more than 30 per cent can still be found by booking at the very beginning or end of the school holidays.

* Book now if possible or at least finalise all arrangements by the end of February, providing the best pick of properties at the best prices.
*Off-season travellers can see big savings away from high season crowds with cheaper flights and better accommodation deals.

* Booking in less popular locations – but still within easy reach of locally based expatriate friends and family – can also provide excellent holiday breaks along with the all-important sunshine.

So the great opportunity to suggest ways that visiting friends and family can make savings when visiting this summer, and the opportunity to remain welcoming hosts while keeping some breathing space in your own homely surrounds.

Here is a spreadsheet of price variations when booking holidays to Spain provided by

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