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Marbella finally gets its waste disposal plant

AFTER TWO YEARS of hold ups, a waste disposal plant will be set up in Marbella this spring.

The City Council, the Commonwealth of Municipalities on the Western Costa Del Sol and Urbaser have agreed a three-way deal to set up the new plant on a 2,000 square metre site where the old landfill used to be situated.

The waste disposal plant will create around 15 new jobs, with preference given to staff from the previous plant given their experience.

The only waste disposal plant in the city stopped operating in April 2016 and no replacement was set up.

The President of the Commonwealth of Municipalities said building the new plant “was a demand that we had and thanks to the collaboration of these municipalities we will have a quick and effective response,” and commended the location of the site, adding: “a place has been found that will be accessible from any point of the coast.”

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