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New Santa Pola lighthouse car park vandalised

WITHIN weeks of opening, the new parking area for visitors to the Santa Pola lighthouse has suffered vandalism.

The car park was set up to allow the growing number of visitors to leave their cars without obstructing the access roads in the area that was previously the case.

A number of traffic signs were erected and areas cordoned off, but these signs have now been knocked down, defaced or removed altogether by the vandals.

Also, a number of plants that were used to help with the reforestation of the area have also been pulled up and left on the ground.

Councillor Alejandro Escalada said that the council will be reinstating the signs that have been broken and replace those that have been stolen.

Plants and shrubs also uprooted or removed will also be replaced.

Escalada also went on to say that these new facilities are for the benefit of all that visit one of Santa Pola’s most famous icons and should be respected by everyone, since the investment in the parking area was aimed at attracting more visitors that were previously put off from doing so.

The separate parking area has also enabled easier access to the lighthouse for the Guardia Civil or emergency vehicles which was previously blocked by the visitors’cars.

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