Pot calls kettle black

THE United States has a luckless habit of firing from the lip. President Trump’s offhand remark about s***hole countries was a classic.

Many who should know better are under the illusion that the U.S. is Utopia.

In truth there is many a Third World country that recoils in horror at what the United States has become.

Scores of tent cities for the homeless are scattered across America’s great and not so great cities.

Typically, Los Angeles Skid Row is a no-go zone for tourists. As far as the eye can see, across more than 50 blocks of desperate poverty; it is home to about 8,000 downtrodden, destitute and disadvantaged people living in makeshift tents.

The city’s homeless is 58,000. By day, people fill its streets, footpaths, alleys and parks. A teeming mass with nowhere left to go.

At night, America’s poor try to sleep in tarpaulin and plastic sheeting shelters that line footpaths for blocks on end.

Some might find a park bench. More find what space they can for their scant possessions, if indeed they have any, spilling into the street.

Many Africans fared better in Apartheid South Africa’s shanty towns. This self-styled beacon of democracy was livid when the global community voted no during a UN vote on the status of Jerusalem.

Nations that voted against the U.S. were threatened with sanctions and loss of aid (bribes). According to Sen. Bernie Sanders, the U.S. has the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth.

The U.S. has more people in prison than any other nation. Nearly 40 per cent of America’s homeless are under 18-years of age.

Such is the poor performance of the U.S. that it is tedious to set out the list of failings.

Its healthcare system is the most costly but ranks 37th. 51 countries have more hospitals per 1,000, 97 more hospital beds.

Utilities are a right not a privilege but 124 countries pay less than do Americans. Travel is cheaper in 129 countries, food bills are through the roof.

Civil disturbance is commonplace. If you are a tourist it is best not to blunder into race-related no-go zones.

No worries, you need to be brave to suffer the indignities of airport searches. Detroit, home to innovative car manufacturing was once one of America’s great cities.

Today, it looks as though the U.S. air force has done to Detroit what it is good at doing in the Middle East and Libya, Donbass in Ukraine, and Serbia As a frequent visitor to the United States during the 1960s my dream was to one day become a citizen as did my sisters.

Today, living in that s***hole is my worst nightmare.

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