Serial robber and fraudster held in Costa Blanca

STOLEN: A selection of the items recovered with the offending weapons ©Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL officers based in Alicante have arrested a serial robber believed to be behind a series of thefts from cars.

The detained man is a 41-year-old and is accused of causing damage to and stealing from at least nine cars…all of them in Guardamar del Segura.

According to a report from the Guardia Civil, all the robberies were committed at midday and his ‘modus operandi’ was always the same.

He would break the vehicles’ windows and then remove whatever was to hand.

It’s also alleged that in one of the robberies, he stole documentation belonging to the owner of the car which he then used to commit a further crime of fraud.

He is accused of taking out a contract with a mobile ‘phone company using his fake ID and in the process obtained a ‘phone worth €800.

During one of the man’s attempted thefts from a car, the owner arrived back at his vehicle without warning and although the thief managed to flee the scene, the car owner was able to supply the police with a detailed enough description of him to enable him to be identified.

Police discovered where he lived and arrested him which was followed by exercising a search warrant on his home, during which a number of objects stolen in the series of robberies were located.

These were found alongside a number of tools used to break the vehicle’s windows.

The detained man has already been sent to prison pending further investigations and future court proceedings.

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