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Remodelling work underway in Costa del Sol town

THE remodelling work of the surface of Calle Jacinto Benavente one of the main connecting routes in Fuengirola, has begun.

The street links the centre of the city with the fishing and sports ports, and the works will affect a stretch of 250 metres.

Mayor Ana Mula visited the area to see first-hand the project underway. The renovation is the responsibility of the company Hormacesa, which has a contract to complete the work in 47 days with an investment of €635,225.

The design of the street is deemed to be out of date and requires restructuring to come into line with the Council’s vision.

Mula explained, “Residents and traders have been unable to see the vista that exists, and it’s also true that the trees have created much darkness.” The works will therefore result in “more openness and more light” she added.

Given the unusual shape of the route, which varies in width at different sections, it has not been an easy task to come up with a design solution.

However, the plans will succeed in maintaining two lanes of traffic which local police stressed was vital in order to avoid logjams down to the seafront.

Mula emphasised that residents and local businesses have also been consulted and listened to about parking availability in light of the remodelling.

Those parking places that exist will be protected and more will be added. Palm trees will also be planted along the street at the request of residents.

“I think that we respond to all the demands of residents. We always try to hold meetings with them and their suggestions are taken into account. Calle Jacinto Benavente will not only be improved, but all of its surroundings such as Calle Postal too, at their request.”

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