RTN: “The paper to trust and rely on”

"FACTUAL, WELL-READ AND WELL-RESPECTED: Steven Saunders, FMCGB - www.thelittlegeranium.com

AS a regular contributor to the RTN newspaper I want to say how impressed and delighted I am with this newspaper.

I have written for many journals including Hello magazine, OK magazine and various international catering magazines.

I have seen the RTN paper grow over the last few months and I have listened to my clients tell me how they follow the articles I write online, they are delighted that RTN is here!

It more than fills a gap it is fast becoming the paper to trust and rely on, affordable to advertise in, factual, well-read and well-respected on the coast.

Long may it continue to prosper!

Steven Saunders FMCGB

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