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Sniffer dogs to combat teen drug use in Benidorm

BENIDORM CITY COUNCIl is up-ping their game in the fight against drugs.

The latest initiative is to entrust the specialist dog section of the local police to tackle and stop the increasing drug use among teenagers and will consist of a series of controls in and around local schools and colleges.

In just one year, the number of people caught in possession of narcotics in Benidorm has increased three-fold.

Up until now police activity to monitor such crime has been restricted to those on the night shift and concentrating in leisure areas and public parks.

The patrols will now be extended and will be visible in the mornings at schools attended by older pupils.

The announcement of this latest initiative was made by Councillor Lorenzo Martinez who said the decision taken was based on the “good results” since more use was made of drug searches involving the canine unit in August last year.

Equally, he said, there have been some concerns shown by members of the local education authority who have requested assistance in tackling the growing drug problem among the youth

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