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Stray poisonings on the rise in Costa Blanca

POLICE in Pilar de la Horadada have issued a warning to pet owners after a number of strays have been found poisoned in different areas of the municipality.

Over the past few days, the amount of dead animals discovered has increased and all appear to have suffered as a result of ingesting poisonous substances that have probably been deliberately administered or left lying around.

José Francisco Albaladejo, the councillor responsible for Animal Health has said that such actions are “a very serious attack on public health” and that if anyone is caught having carried out such crimes; they could face fines of up to €18,000.

He also announced that the municipality is looking at bringing in a series of new by-laws and increase the fines.

Albaladejo went on to say that if any residents are concerned about the issues surrounding the amount of stray animals in their area, they should contact the Department of Health and Animal Protection (DHAP) directly and not take such drastic measures themselves.

The DHAP will then take the appropriate action themselves to resolve the situation. He also asked residents to inform the local police or the council directly if they knew who was behind these poisoning incidents, as they are not only dangerous to animals but could cause serious harm to children too.

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