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Taxi fares freeze for another year in Murcia

PEOPLE using the taxi service in the Murcia region will continue to pay the same fare again this year.

The Governing board of the taxi service has agreed to freeze the rates that have now remained the same since 2014.

The daily rate – from 7am to 10pm – starts at €2.40 with an additional 97 cents per kilometre travelled from then onwards. The night rate from 10pm to 7am, that includes weekends and fiestas, begins at €2.99 as soon as the ‘flag is down’ and €1.22 per extra kilometre.

There are the usual supplements, which have also been frozen, that cover pick-ups at railway and bus stations at a rate of €1.30. Collections from airports (€3.60 extra and 60 cents for suitcases and packages) also stay the same, but the charges at the airports do not include wheelchairs or other equipment used by passengers with disabilities.

Pets (except guide dogs) will be charged at €1.30 per animal and €3.50 on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The taxi drivers will also benefit from a number of changes which has seen the possibility of their shifts overlapping by a maximum of 30 minutes to always ensure that the taxis service operates uninterrupted. They will also now be able to retain 100 per cent of their fares that are taken between 1am and 5am.

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