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The ‘Heat Seeker’ back on the heavyweight trail

HEAVYWEIGHT boxer, Adam Machaj, who spent several months training in Marbella is now back in the UK preparing for his next fight.

He got a little sidetracked after leaving Spain and was one of 25 people chosen out of the thousands who applied to take part in the latest SAS Who Dares Wins TV programme on Channel 4.

Now in its third series, the programme sees former SAS soldiers putting recruits through the same training as that used by the elite and world-renowned British Army unit.

In the first programme in the series, Adam was featured quite heavily as he was the largest participant at 6ft 8ins and 19 stone, winning his first test by knocking out an opponent in two minutes in the combat round.

Speaking to RTN, Adam explained that whilst he was determined to participate to the fullest extent and wanted to win, his feet let him down and he had to throw in the towel.

The competition took place in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and none of the contestants were paid for their participation, but although the show edited the activities to two days, he was actually in the camp for nearly five before he decided that his boxing career was more important than the programme, as his feet became increasingly more blistered.

As it happens, he didn’t leave a moment too soon as both feet were badly infected and the infection spread to his kidneys soon after.

The start of 2018 finds him in a much happier frame of mind as ‘The Heat Seeker’, as he is known, is back in training with support from manager Frank Duffin and Kevin Marree Boxing, getting ready for his first fight of the year which is expected to take place in early March in Blackburn, England.

Anxious to return to the top 10 of British heavyweight boxers, he plans to train hard and fight hard, but on a personal basis he has now formed a very happy relationship with model, Tiffany Rose.

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