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The latest social site for your four legged friends

THE +PetTag® is a web technology designed by Marco Martinenghi, the founder of the pet social network BEPUPPY.

This is a digital label that is not only able to share photos and videos of pets quickly and easily, but is also able to exchange valuable information in case of loss, long distance adoptions and services dedicated to the care of your animal friends.

BEPUPPY, the first Pet Social Network, continues to innovate and this is the latest development in the ongoing growth of the company

+PetTag allows you to tag your four-legged friends within the social network through the use of dedicated usernames. In fact, during registration of a pet, BEPUPPY assigns users a unique web address, for example

By typing + followed by the name of a pet can thus tag your pet, exactly as occurs when you tag your friend with the@, but with substantial differences with respect to what happens on other platforms.

Unlike the #hashtag and @mention, (functions that are also available on BEPUPPY), +PetTag is not used to label a topic or quote another user, but allows you to manage content quickly and talk to the owner of a domestic animal at a distance.

One of the possible fields of application concerns, for example, the search for lost animals: using the +PetTag along with the Alert service (function available on BEPUPPY), anyone can communicate sightings or contact the family of a pet in difficulty.

In the same way, it can be used by pet sitters and other pet-friendly structures to reassure the more apprehensive owners during their absences; for example by tagging their pets in a photo taken during a stroll in the park.

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