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Police in Spain confiscate 235 kilos of seafood over festive period

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil based in Alicante have confiscated a total of 235 kilos of fish and shellfish.

The catch was detained after a series of inspections of shops and markets dealing in the direct sale of the products to the consumers in the lead up to the festive period.  Shellfish is traditionally enjoyed by Spanish families for their main Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and Three Kings Day celebrations and so the demand is so much higher – along with the price – at this time of the year.

During the planned programme of inspections, a total of 18 municipal markets, warehouses and fishmongers in Alicante were visited with six of them not coming up to the expected standards.  They were reported for selling products that don’t meet the minimum size requirements, not indicating if it contains sulphates, and no indications of freezing and thawing methods.  Many products also lacked correct labelling and the ability to trace their origin as is now standard.

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